VHW Tulum Transformational Retreat in Paradise!

Renew, and recharge in a vortex of healing energy in Tulum, Mexico! A 7-Day Transformational Wellness Retreat in November 2019
(space is extremely limited, inquire for exact dates)

Space is limited to a small group of hand-selected amazing, like-minded, heart-centered women.

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The Vibrant Healthy Woman Tulum Transformational Retreat!

Beautiful Goddess you are invited,

Imagine a week of relaxation, rejuvenation, FUN and personal transformation in paradise!

The Vibrant Healthy Woman Transformational Retreat is an all-inclusive wellness & personal growth adventure in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

  • Take a deep-dive into the 7 chakras as a blue-print for transformation.
  • Unleash your divine radiance & inner Goddess.
  • Yoga & conscious dance classes.
  • Refuel with organic delicious food and fresh juices.
  • Rejuvenate, relax & reconnect with your true essence.
  • Connect and embrace your body wisdom.
  • Receive healing & sacred ceremony with a Mayan medicine man.
  • Awaken through spiritual ritual in a vortex of healing energy at the Mayan Ruins.
  • And more…

Imagine arriving at a cozy... private, luxurious resort and spa in Cancun, MX. The sun is shining, and upon your first deep breath of fresh tropical air; your entire body starts to relax - perhaps for the first time in months.

Imagine how amazing your body will feel as you savor 3 gourmet organic meals each day, and sip fresh green juice relaxing by the poolside.

The spacious yoga/dance studio is your sanctuary to get to know more about your true self, sink deeper into your soul, connect with soul sisters, and dance freer than you ever thought possible.

See yourself melting onto the massage table as you treat yourself to a relaxing massage or facial in between sessions. Imagine sand in your toes and skipping in the waves!

As you become even more connected to your Divine Feminine, and your intuition, you embody uninhibited confidence and freedom on a whole new level.

If this retreat sounds simply wonderful, then get ready to claim your spot, leave all the stress behind, and begin a magical journey of a lifetime!

The entire schedule is not revealed to purposefully create some delightful surprises for you!

Our Vibrant Healthy Woman Retreat sells out every time and only happens once per year.

You are an amazing Gorgeous Goddess and you deserve this! Don’t let another year go by where you put off taking time for you, your needs, you're your transformational growth and FUN!

Seize this moment, take the time for you, and register now.


As a new member of the VHL Community you’ll periodically receive inspiring emails we hope you’ll LOVE