VHW Sedona Quest Transformational Retreat

Unleash a spiritual awakening in the powerful vortexes of Sedona, Arizona A 5-Day Powerful Retreat in July 2020
(space is extremely limited, inquire for exact dates)

Space is limited to a small group of hand-selected amazing, like-minded, heart-centered women.

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The VHW Sedona Quest Transformational Retreat!

Beautiful Goddess you are invited…

Imagine a week of rejuvenation, FUN, breakthroughs and personal transformation in paradise! The Vibrant Healthy Woman ~ Sedona Quest Transformational Retreat is an all-inclusive wellness, personal growth, deep inner quest to finally claim what you are truly worth to increase your abundance.

This retreat is for you is you would love to:

  • Make more money doing what you love
  • Increase your income and work-life harmony
  • Serve at a higher level using your gifts and talents
  • Feel more confident asking for what you're worth
  • Manifest people investing in your services at a HIGHER level

If you said YES… you are going to LOVE this retreat!

In order to enjoy these results you must do the inner work to experience the outer abundance you desire. Enjoy world class mentorship and guidance from Jennifer Jiménez and guest spiritual healers to help you get to know more about your true self, and grow your connection to your soul’s purpose.

Sink deeper into your soul, increase your worthiness, magnetize greater abundance, connect with soul sisters, and dance freer than you ever thought possible.

Sedona inspires you to fill your eyes with nature, breathe ancient, powerful energy, receive the healing blessings from the sun and allow the earth to speak to your heart. Inspired by the rich wisdom and traditions of Native American people, the luxury Enchantment Resort and Spa in Sedona, AZ is where you will return to your true essence, and unleash the uninhibited, fully expressed GODDESS within you!
See yourself awakening your true self through spiritual ritual in a vortex of healing energy nestled below the Warrior Rock and Kachina Woman spires of Boyton Canyon.

As you become even more connected to your Divine Feminine, and your intuition, you will embody the uninhibited confidence and freedom to live your true purpose and express your divine gifts on a whole new level.

If this retreat sounds simply wonderful, then get ready to claim your spot, leave all the stress behind, and begin a magical journey of a lifetime!

We will schedule a complimentary 1:1 conversation to discuss this opportunity fully, explore if it’s a good fit, and answer any & all questions you might have.


Our Vibrant Healthy Woman Sedona Quest Transformational Retreat was created for you!

You are an amazing Gorgeous Goddess and you deserve this! This is your year to take a little time for you, your needs, your transformational growth and FUN!

Seize this moment, take the time for you, and get more details today.


As a new member of the VHL Community you’ll periodically receive inspiring emails we hope you’ll LOVE